Backroom Eugenics

by Zombified

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Alessandro Rocco
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Alessandro Rocco Just simply crushing death metal, absolutely demolishing from start to finish! Favorite track: The Insidious Tragedy.
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A spoken introduction starts this EP as “Limb After Limb” is the first real song with gurgling vocal distortions blended with downtuned deathly thuggishness. This style of brutal death metal is often a veritable noise of bass, triggered drums and boring monotone riffing. Musically this sits firmly in the “Butchered At Birth” (Cannibal Corpse) side of death metal with a few splashes of Immolation for the density on the sound. Vocally this is Chris Barnes when he sang on “Tomb Of The Mutilated” which isn’t a bad thing, just a little one dimensional. The band does adopt a chugging riff style on “The Forgotten Art of Strangulation” complete with matching double bass kick and whilst I’d say this is nothing special within today’s death metal parameters it will definitely sound monstrous live. The hyper blasting “Human Cull” is a bulldozing song that does little except kick your head in, which is damn good I might add. It’s back to old Cannibal on “The Insidious Tragedy” with its violent riffing and great mid section groove, but here the lead is much better structured and fits the song very well. “Murder Serpent” closes the EP and starts slower and is melodic dare I say initially before shifting into a decent riff and exceptionally long lead, for this EP anyway. Nothing spectacular here but if you crave some death metal that sounds like the first three Cannibal Corpse albums then this is definitely for you.


released November 26, 2011



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Grindscene Records Lisburn, UK

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